Saturday, 22 January 2011

birthday, serabi, and pizza

first, i would like to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY for my boyfriend at january 19th :)
i hope this year will be your year. and your dream comes true.
and more more loving me. ahaha :D

yeeah! we had celebrate his birthday at his house.
with small party. with no birthday cake. no candles. no baloons every corner. no friends. huum.. just both of us with "serabi" hahaha. we make serabi to be a birthday cake. we ate it together. with laugh. with wide smile. with some conversation. and with jokes also with watching tv.
this state is what i like very much. i sit beside him. i can see him, see watch through my eyes and then smile widely. ouh damn its beautiful! :")
oh i forget something. in this birthday i gave him a headphone :D
when he try in his mobile jack, woo.. he really enjoy it and he like it so much. my smile spread in my lips :)
i love to see him in happy :")
thanks God, you give me a happiness to him and also me.
after we finish ate the serabi, we go to pizza hut! yay!
we got the sensasi delight for 2 persons and more pizza. and we ate our favourite pizza. its IDAHO! haha.
here the picture
and the idaho, is in the left one, its still complete :D
after we had lunch in pizza hut, he take me to my home. and you know what? when we come out from pizza hut. both of us see to the sky. the sky is so grey. and my boyfriend very excited. because he really like when the sky become in grey and the land become darking.. wooo!
we go home with drizzle be our friend :) i'm so super glad.. i can make he smile widely :")


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